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From: Austin Tinckler (
Date: 05/25/01-06:55:08 AM Z

If I had the Dinero, I would build a Rocket.

I was fortunate enough to get a ride in a Rocket once, and it made me a
believer, born again..a dreamer. Failing that, my love affair would probably
be a 4. The sexiest, most thoroughbred looking sky machine you could feast
your eyes on.

Especially with the new long legs......sound good ??? Like a dream babe ??
But actually, any RV model will do.

They are the FW190, the Mustang... the warrior, you know you could fly.

I ambled once among a row of 20 Mustangs, at repose on the grass, all in
battle dress and some scars...climbed aboard one, opened the canopy, mounted
up, rolled her closed, and in my mind, started the Merlin. I was in another

I was in combat and afraid for my life, but not worrying about that at the
moment. I could do this, and I could fly the Mustang. What I had to do was
respect the numbers and be respectful.

(I was told on good authority, that the Mustang was actually sweet to fly,
but our Macho testerone level demanded that we declare that one had to be a
real jock to survive a solo flight in one, never mind survival maneuvers.

But let us get back to RVs.

A thoroughbred indeed. Even with a nose wheel, for the airplane can't see it
and doesn't know it is there.

Climb aboard and get your feet set, look at the panel and start this beast,
roll out to the button, run her up and feel the power as she champs at the
bit, demanding to be let loose, and give her her head and feel the push in
your back and let her find her lift off point, the view gets better, and you
leave the earth, see the green spread out all around.. objects get smaller
and we are at 2..3,000...and zooming... This ain't no spam can, although
when nothing else is at hand...we are still flying and that is the joy of it
all..... We're special, and we know that and we love poor ground

I have seen the glory of this earth, from the dry desert running the length
of the whole continent down to Mexico and beyond, until the sea crowds the
shore and we turn back to the valleys, hills and mountain tops of white that
bring us cool water and grass strips and friends and airplanes all over this
part of the world. Airplanes make this possible.

Land anywhere and the RV is a magnet..friends are made.. Here....take the
keys to the jalopy over there...there is a great place to eat just

I don't care a Fiddler's fart for celebrities or fame...of any stripe....
But I stand, .... nay,. bow, respect and reverence for an RV. And
somewhat too for the man that gave her to us. For she is the FW190..the
Mustang...the means to drink at the fountain of youth....

I stand before the mirror and cannot believe what I see.. Who is that old
guy with the grey hair ??? I am that guy who looks at the world through
these eyes and sees adventure....

I hear Santana's "Smooth" and love it. I hear Tina Turner singing..."You
Are The Best" and think she must be singing about an RV...because they
are.....Simply The Best....

And here we are, nose up and still climbing...ain't there no end to it ???
Push over just a little bit and bring your eyes back into the panel and let
them pop at what you see at the Airspeed needle. Just think ..that's
all..just think about nudging downhill a bit and you are now in that fighter
who flashes around the point, along the beach and see the ground bound, some
of whom can savour this sight...'cause they wave....and they are fast left
behind and we click off the miles like a bar code in a scanner.........

Keep out of air traffic control if you can because you're only going to give
them an ulcer and you crave the freedom of the open country and let her

I can ...if you shut your a roll that lasts for two miles and you
will never even know that we did one. Ain't sure if the same holds true for
a loop, but this magic carpet....this thoroughbred
which lives and breathes..can describe such beautiful and smoooth and gentle
maneuvers that are as pretty to see as they are to experience.

I have come down from 13,000, with the setting sun filling the
windscreen...leaving behind the pink snowy slopes of this dormant
volcano....and been home on the ground and put to bed in just over 15
minutes... I can't think of any other medium to match that............

Ever flown down a carrier approach ??? Well, you can now.

The smile comes when you try just a little bit to slow this carpet force to
a more sedate and reasonable speed that won't get the spam canners into
cardiac... Bring her nicely and gently around the corners, set up the
final....hold off and let her kiss the runway....grass or other...until she
surrenders flight altogether and taxi in with the sound of the pipes like no
other on this airfield...

You have just brought home a living dream....made with the hands of a
dreamer... a dreamer who made the idea come alive and who now dances with a
partner that is as quick and lively as you could ever want.....nonstop
fun.... I know now that I can fly that FW190....or that Mustang.....standing
there on the long legs that keep the prop clear and pointing upward..... I
can pull on the straps and make ready to take all that power between my
finger tips and play a solo that we compose together in the rhapsody of

A last look in the mirror and it matters not what I see....because my mind's
eye is of a pilot who flies a wonder thing, and therein lies the love and

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