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Bob Bristol
RR3 Brighton, ON

C-GCTZ was built by Bob Bristol, of Brighton, ON. It has been flying since 1998 and has 210 hours on the tach. It's powered by a 160 HP 0320 H2AD engine.

"C-GCTZ has a metal SENSENICH prop, after changing from an Ed Sterba wood prop. The 2600 RPM restriction does cause me a bit of concern as I can reach that limit quickly when the nose starts downward or after a bit in level flight.

"I also used the EXP DC Load Center for the switches and bus bar on my instrument panel. I like this short cut to wiring and have had no problems so far."

Bob sold C-GCTZ to Jody Stevens, of Montgomery, TX, in 2002. It's Now registered as N115RV.

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