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Elevator Horn Spacers

Jim Jewell, Kelowna, BC (RV-6A finish kit)

Some number of builders have found that their elevator horns are a bit short.  The accepted fix is to put washers in to fill the resultant gap at assembly time.  This in an area that is known to have very limited access.  I Had the same problem with mine. Instead of using washers, I made aluminum spacers.

I made two spacers approximately 1-3/8” x 1/2” from some 1/4” aluminum 6061 stock (2024 would also do).  If  your fit requires a different thickness, file, grind or use appropriate thickness material.  I drilled one end to fit the required 1/4” hole.  I tapered the other end to about 1/4” to reduce weight.  I then fit the spacer with a 1/4” bolt to it’s position.  I oriented the tapered end toward the center of the circular weld that holds the horn to it’s tubular shaft.  Surrounded by welded material, this area should be safe structurally.  I drilled two 1/8” holes through the spacer and the horn into the area in the center of the round welded area.  Two 1/8” pop rivets hold the spacer in place for assembly, eliminating the need to try to fit washers in a very restricted blind area later on.

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