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Pneumatic Dimpling

Leo Roitner, Surrey, BC

How would you like to streamline your dimpling operation by dimpling sitting down, leaving both hands free to position your workpiece?  Hereís how you can.

If you have Averyís dimpling arm set, you will find that one of the driver shafts fits the rivet gun.  Order Averyís Rivet Arbor Return Spring Kit, part #01005.  Install this as per the sketch, and adjust the shaft Colette to have good clearance between the dimple dies.  When youíre happy with this position, you may have to file a flat spot on the driver shaft.  I found the arbor slipping up, no matter how hard I tightened the set screw.

Youíll need a solenoid valve for the air line.  I found one in my junk box (it came from a dishwasher).  Iím sure you can pick one up from an appliance repair shop, or wherever.  [I got mine from a dishwasher a neighbour was throwing outóEd.]  You could also use a solenoid valve from a washing machine, but the dishwasher valve is easier to plumb up.  Mount that on the dimple arm.  I also mounted a shank rivet set on the dimple arm, so I could hold my rivet gun while changing workpieces.

The foot switch should be a heavy-duty, spring-return type, with normally-open contacts (try Radio Shack).  Assemble your machine per the sketch.  I will take one to two hours.  Donít forget to activate the trigger of your rivet gun with an elastic band.  Adjust the air pressure, depending on the thickness of the aluminum.  Plug in, hold the work piece with one hand, push down the rivet gun with your other hand, step on the foot switch to get two or three hits from the rivet gun, and-voila-you have a nice crisp dimple.  You may have to experiment a little to get the hang of it.

No more sore hands, and only two hands and one foot required.  You can sit down doing this, and you will speed up your operation.

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