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Wing Rib Cut-outs

John Ammeter, Seattle, WA
[This was originally posted on the RV List in July, 1995—Webmaster.]

I thought everyone knew what the aluminum cut-outs from the wing ribs were for.  In fact, I expect Van’s to supply cut-outs with the new kits (the ones with the pre-cut ribs).  Everyone wants the instrument panel to be both original and functional.  However, few of us want the expense of buying a new panel blank because we don’t really like the way the instruments are situated.  The easiest solution is to label the appropriate cut-outs with the names of instruments.  Put the blank panel where you will see it whenever you enter or leave your shop.  Place the labelled cut-outs on the panel.  Keep moving the cut-outs (instruments) around until you feel you have the Perfect Panel.  Now leave it alone for a while.  If you can walk by it for at least a month without moving any instruments around, maybe it is the Perfect Panel.  In any case, it is a lot cheaper and easier to move cut-outs than instruments.

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