The flight log cards listed below were developed by Randy Pflanzer and Clay Smith, for the flight test programs on their RV-6 and RV-4. Randy and Clay are hangar mates at the Franklin, Indiana airport

Randy and Clay want to stress that they are not flight test engineers, and that these cards are in no way meant to be a substitute for your own flight planning. Feel free to use these cards, but recognize that you do so at your own discretion and risk.

There is one card per flight, covering the entire flight test program from the initial test flight through aerobatic maneouvres to night flight. There is also a single file containing all the log cards, in MS Word format, at the end of the list.

Also, at the bottom of the page, you'll find an Excel spreadsheet for calculating TAS and a link to a first flight profile developed by a NAASA test pilot at Edwards AFB.