[Wing] Hartzell Propeller AD

Tedd McHenry tedd at vansairforce.org
Wed May 23 21:26:59 PDT 2007

I recently received a letter from Hartzell regarding AD 2001-23-08, which
requires inspection (and possible replacement) of the hub for certain models of
Hartzell props.  There is no strict requirement for a homebuilt to comply with
this AD, and it may not apply to many RVs, but I'm passing the information on
just in case it's useful to anyone on this list.


"This airworthiness directive (AD) is applicable to Hartzell Inc ()HC-()2Y()-()
propeller models (also known as Y-shank propellers) installed on Piper PA-32
series aircraft with Textron Lycoming 540 series engines that are rated at 300
HP or higher, or installed on Pilatus Britten Norman or Britten Norman BN-2
series aircraft (also known as Islander or Trislander) with Textron Lycoming
540 series engines, or installed on any aircraft certificated in the acrobatic
category, or installed on any aircraft that has ever been used for agricultural

More information is at:  http://tinyurl.com/27zdrv


Tedd McHenry
Van's Air Force
Western Canada Wing
tedd at vansairforce.org

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