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Tools You Can Build

The tools to build your RV are expensive. Some builders enjoy the extra challenge and fun of building their own tools. Other builders, like me, are simply too cheap to buy some tools. Here, you can download drawings and instructions for making some tools that you might find useful in building your RV.

SM Brake Sht 1

SM Brake Sht 2

Sheet Metal Brake

This is a simple brake, made mostly from angle iron. I haven't made this brake, but Holger Stephan of has. You can see his brake at Thanks to Ken Hoshowski for these plans.

Fluting Pliers Sht 1

Fluting Pliers Sht 2

Fluting Pliers

I made these fluting pliers after borrowing a pair of commercially-made pliers. I found that I didn't like the flutes the commercial pliers made--they were too wide. So I made a pair myself, using laminated strips of steel flat bar. They work quite well, and cost virtually nothing.

Note There was a mistake in the original plans. This is now revision 2 of the plans, which show the second bolt and nut at the end of the handle, which was left off of the first revision. The size and position of this bolt and nut is not critical.

Tight-space Dimpler

Dimpling Tool for Tight Spaces

This tool allows you to dimple rivet holes in places such as the tips of ribs, where there isn't enough space for a conventional squeezer set.
HS Fixture Bracket

HS Fixture Bracket

Rather than buy the brackets for the horizontal stab fixture, I decided to make my own from hardware-store angle aluminum. It was simple, and much cheaper than buying them.

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